We take care of business, so you can take care of your patients.

Experienced Professionals. Personalized Service. Competitively Priced. Full Service.

We want to be the best value proposition in the industry: incredible pricing on a full suite of services, personalized service from people who know what they’re doing because they’ve seen it all before.

Why choose Pivotal Billing Solutions?

Experienced billing professionals

Experienced Professionals

Our billing specialists have optometry-specific experience, and know this field very well. They’ve often held office-level and administrative positions in optometry, so they’ve seen things from your perspective. This should be expected of anyone who is dealing with your claims, but many billing services outsource work overseas, or place unqualified people in crash course training in order to “shotgun” your claims, regardless of how many denials or resubmissions will inevitably result.

Personalized service

Personalized & Efficient

Each office is assigned an in-house specialist to maintain a reliable point of contact, and improve efficiency. We don’t just submit claims, but assist in troubleshooting and maximizing reimbursements with every encounter: Our services often pay for themselves by just maximizing your reimbursement and changing a few simple billing/coding habits.

Flexible pricing

Competitively Priced

Our flexible pricing model gives you several ways to approach cost for our services. On average, customers are paying under 2% expense. Many times, an in-house employee may or may not have the proper expertise to do it correctly, costing you money indirectly. We can break this down for you as part of our quote, and show you how keeping your billing in-house is typically more expensive. You also insulate yourself from issues like dependence and turnover. Losing your “billing person” will no longer be an issue.

We’re full service

Pivotal Billing Solutions offers everything from medical and vision plan credentialing, to remote billing, EOB/Payment submission, payment reconciliation, accounts receivable and more.

We offer fast, efficient, and reliable options that may be utilized as full service or a la carte.

Insurance Credentialing

Billing & Claims

Recovery Services



And More…

Looking for more?

Pivotal Group and Pivotal Billing Solutions help you to seamlessly integrate cutting edge processes into your practice in the spirit of saving money, making money, and most importantly giving your patients the best options.