Who are you?

We are a medical and vision plan, full service billing and credentialing service owned and run by Mikeal Gilbert.

What’s your background?

Mikeal has been in the industry for over 10 years, Pivotal Billing Solutions manages millions of dollars worth of claims a year, at numerous office locations. Mikeal’s expertise is billing, coding and insurance for optometry.

How does your pricing compare to other companies?

We offer several pricing structures to fit most offices’ needs. We believe you CAN have both quality and affordability. Our pricing is some of the most aggressive in the industry, without the start-up fees, “per provider” fees, or other sneaky tactics widely used today. Each office is of course unique, and we understand the importance of flexibility, as one pricing plan will not fit everyone.

Can I afford to outsource my billing?

In 90% of cases you will save massively by outsourcing this cost, as opposed to hiring a full salary employee in house (costing you time, training, and dreaded turnover). Not seeing the numbers? Let us show you how by giving you a complementary cost analysis.

What other advantages are there to outsourcing?

Only an expert will be dealing with your insurance issues and routine billing processes. You won't have to worry about your billing getting behind or amateur mistakes. There’s no risk of losing your in-office “billing person.” Our team is available to answer on-the-fly questions during the workday to help you avoid mistakes early.

I don’t know what I’m doing, can PBS help?

Absolutely. Our goal is simply to make your life easier. We will take over as much or as little as you decide. Your service will be tailored to meet your needs.

How am I invoiced?

Once a month the fees will be based on your unique payment option. For some it will be a percentage of amounts collected by insurance companies only, others will have a flat rate charged per month.

Are there any startup fees?

There are no startup fees. No per doctor fees. No cost is hidden or downplayed and that has been our goal from the start.

Are there any long term contracts?

There are no long term contracts. The typically commitment is simply 6 months.

Looking for more?

Pivotal Group and Pivotal Billing Solutions help you to seamlessly integrate cutting edge processes into your practice in the spirit of saving money, making money, and most importantly giving your patients the best options.